Play with a purpose

Unlike many early learning programs that focus on technology and academic preparation, we believe in children learning through play. Play involves the whole child-physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Ultimately, play builds a foundation for all future learning.

Focus on natural development

Young children need an environment where they are free to explore, experiment, and make mistakes without harsh consequences or excessive protection. By focusing on giving them this freedom instead pushing academics, studies show that children achieve more
academically .

Hands-on experiences

Pathway provides countless
opportunities  for  hands-on
experiences. Active games
like relay races help children
learn  to  run,  stop,  balance
and  judge  distance.  By
manipulating  toys  and
materials, they  learn  about
the relationships of  objects
and to observe and construct, which helps them understand quantity, distinguish attributes, and ask questions. During warm weather, children tend to the school garden. We also do family style dining where children are able to serve themselves and interact with each other.

Sensory integrated activities

Children at Pathway Connections develop and strengthen fine motor skills necessary for writing later in life. Manipulating small objects like puzzle pieces improves hand-eye coordination, essential for reading, and spatial relationships, a critical pre-math skill. We also provide a variety of sensory materials for children to touch that are constantly changing, including rice, dirt, rocks, leaves, snow, water, sand, moss, and more!

We strive to be green

Our philosophy is to reuse and recycle. We limit the use of disposable products and paper goods and instead teach children the value of using real plates and utensils and the importance of these items in relation to the environment. At Pathway, children are introduced to gardening and composting, to understand and experience their position in the cycle of life.

                                                                 Family involvement

One  of  the  most essential aspects
 of  our program is emphasizing the
 importance of  family  support  and
involvement. We  work  to simplify
life for parents by offering flexibility in
scheduling. We serve  breakfast and
 lunch each day for added convenience.
 We also actively encourage parents to be
involved by offering daily communication,
 photo displays of weekly activities,
quarterly parent education nights, holiday
events, field trips, and charity functions.

Community connections

At Pathway, we are making an effort to reach out to the community and contribute. Speakers from various professions, from police officers to fire fighters to granite workers, are invited to come to our school to teach our children about what they do. We also try to give back and encourage kindness throughout the year, by holding events like charity drives or by making and collecting gifts for the local children's hospital. In this way, we are able to make an impact outside of our walls, while also educating those within them!
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Family Style Dining
Celebrating with Families!
What Makes Us Unique
v Play with a purpose
v Focus on natural development
v Children connect with nature
v Hands-on experiences
v Sensory integrated activities
v We strive to be green
v Family involvement

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What Our Families Are Saying...
           Our son was able to find comfort at Pathway immediately. He now enjoys every minute at school.

Gihyun K.